The driveway gates and the range buildings are secured with locks, the combinations for which are noted on PCSA membership cards.

Outdoor Rifle Range:
  Drive 2 mi. south of Montezuma on Hwy 63 to 510th St. (large gray silo). Turn east onto 510th St. (gravel) for 3/4 mile. Range is immediately on the left.
E911 Address is:
1293 510th Avenue

Indoor Archery and Pistol Range, with Trap and 3D Archery Course: Drive 4 mi. west of Montezuma on Diamond Trail Road to 100th St. (tall cell tower).  South on 100th (gravel) 3/4 mile to driveway on left with sign posted.
E911 Address is:
4975 100th Street

Bear Creek Trap Range:
Located north of Malcolm and on Hwy 6 just west of the Poweshiek County Transfer Station with sign posted. 
E911 Address is:
1157 US Hwy 6



Montezuma, Iowa
3D Archery / High-Power & Small-Bore Rifle / Benchrest Rifle / Shotgun Trap / Bullseye Pistol        
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For Information on how to join the
Poweshiek County
 Sportsmen's Association
or for information on competitions or any other topic e-mail:
(This e-mail site is monitored regularly but not every day.)

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 612
Montezuma, IA 50171

President: Clay Prior
Vice President: Paul Lacaeyse
Treasurer: Jennifer McGuire
Secretary: Stephen Krug

3D Archery: Diane and Mike Henry
22 Bulls-eye pistol: Stephen Krug
Center fire pistol: Tom Shaull Jr.
High-power Rifle: Tom Shaull Jr.
Bear Creek Trap Range/Trap Range: Steve Glasgow & Matt Elsbury
CMP Program/Small Bore: Mike Phillips
Benchrest: Hugh Sheridan
Newsletter Editor: Jennifer McGuire

 Webmaster: Stephen Krug



Dues are $50.00 annually (Jan 1  to Dec 31)

Payable to

Poweshiek County Sportsmen’s Association (PCSA)

PO Box 612

Montezuma, IA 50171

                                                                                 (Please print all Information clearly)

New:  ________       Renewal: _______    Membership Number ______

Name: ____________________________________________________________

Residence Address: __________________________________________________

Mailing address (if different):___________________________________________

City: ___________________ State: ______________ Zip Code: _______________

Telephone: ______________________ Email: _____________________________

Please list names of Immediate Family (18 or under and can be claimed as your dependant or in secondary school)
who will or might use

the PCSA Facilities: ________________________________________________________________________________________


NRA Member? No___ Yes___   NRA Member Number_______________________

IBA Member?  No___ Yes___   IBA Member Number________________________



We are an all volunteer association. Please list areas where you could volunteer time.

q Archery & 3-D Shoots


q Benchrest


q Bullseye: .22’s and Centerfire Pistols


q CMP Program


q Cowboy Action


q High Power/Small Bore


q Trap Shooting/Bear Creek Trap Range



 By signing this application, I attest that:
          I understand adherence to the rules and policies of the Poweshiek County Sportsmen's Association is necessary to provide a safe and friendly facility for responsible shooters.

Required safety training has to be done before you receive your full PCSA membership.


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